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Website Development

Wk Topics Learning Objective Method of Learning Assessment Key Skills Mapping
1 Introduction Overview of the unit; aims and objectives. A look at what the unit covers and the grading criteria. A first look at the assignments. This will involve in-class discussion of the unit content and grading criteria. Each assignment will be looked at to ensure a full understanding of 'what each contains and what needs to be done'. Strategies for achieving good grades and the deadline policy will be explained. C2.1a Contribute to a group discussion
WO2.3 Exchange information 
2 Different Purposes of Websites

Assignment 1 issued
Identify the different purposes of websites and the features and target audiences of the different types of sites. The Internet will be used to search for examples of websites that fit into the five different purposes identified by the teacher. A document should be produced that includes a screenshot of each example site with the key features listed . C2.1a Contribute to a group discussion
C2.2 Read, synthesise information 
3 Construction Features Identify the different construction features used in websites. Text hyperlinks, graphic hyperlinks, menu bars, sidebars, frames. The main features of websites found during the last lesson need to be identified. A written explanation will be required, discussing the benefit of each feature, bearing in mind the effort to the designer of including the feature. Screenshots need to be included to enhance explanation. IT2.1 Plan how to obtain and use info sources
C2.2 Read, synthesise information 
4 Construction Features Cont'd Identify more advanced construction features such as hotspots, Flash animations, Java applets, tests/quizzes, games. Examples of advanced features need to be be found, either using previously chosen sites or on other sites on the Internet. A written explanation will be required discussing the benefits of the more advanced features. Screenshots need to be included to enhance the explanation. IT2.1 Plan how to obtain and use info sources
IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange info; derive new info  
5 Interactive Features Understand interactive features such as email links, search features and how these type of features often require server side scripting and databases. Examples of interactive features need to be searched for on the Internet. A written explanation will be required with screenshots included to enhance explanation. The need for server-side scripting and databases should be mentioned. IT2.1 Plan how to obtain and use info sources
IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange info; derive new info 
6 Laws Relating to Websites

Assignment 1 preliminary deadline
Understand there are many different laws and guidelines that govern the material that can be placed on websites. Copyright, libel, data protection, computer misuse, accessibility. This will involve, in-class discussion on laws relating to websites, interspersed with research on the Internet. Three laws or guidelines will need to be selected and explained in detail. Copyright laws should be one of the choices. The explanation should be emailed to the teacher as an attachment. IT2.1 Plan how to obtain and use info sources.IT2 Send an email
C2.2 Read, synthesise information 
7 Review and Test Websites Review the usability and appropriateness of four different websites bearing in mind the purpose and target audience of each. Test each website for speed, usability and accessibility. Learners will choose four different sites to review. A browser plugin will be used to carry out a range of tests and the results recorded. A written review of each site will be required. Usability and appropriateness should be discussed with reference to the test results. C2.2 Read, synthesise information IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange info; derive new info 
8 Suggest Improvements

Assignment 1 final deadline
Suggest improvements to the reviewed websites. Spot problems such as slow download speeds, poor content, unnecessary animations or too many adverts, irritating pop-ups. Learners need to suggest improvements to two out of the four websites reviewed. Improvements may be identified through the test results or through a justifiable subjective approach. Screenshots and annotation should be used to illustrate where improvements can be made. C2.2 Read, synthesise information IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange info; derive new info 
9 Create a Website Design
Create a website design, including a site map and a design template. Understand that the use of a house style and a template ensures consistency. Learners will create a site map first. They will then create a design template showing the layout and style of a typical page. Further detail on house-style can be defined using a table listing fonts, sizes, colours, etc. for the site styles, e.g. heading, titles, subtitles, normal text. IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange info; derive new info 
10 Create a Website Design

Assignment 2 issued
Design the layout and specify the information/graphics that will be included in each web page's content section. Design a Logo. Learners will create a design for each of their web pages. They will need to specify what will go inside each page's content section. They should summarize any textual information, graphic or other feature they wish to include. A logo may also be designed. IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange info; derive new info 
11 Create and Use a Template Web Page Use web development software to create a template web page. Understand that templates can speed up the creation process and aid consistency. Learn about editable and non-editable regions. Learners will be introduced to Dreamweaver. The advantages of using a template will be demonstrated. Learners will create their own template page based on their previous design work. Editable and non-editable regions will be created. Learners will then create all of their web pages using their template and learn how to hyperlinks them together. IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange info; derive new info 
12 Create Each Separate Web Page Develop the content for each separate web page. Include text, images and a logo. Understand that graphics should be created in-house or copyright free material used. Learners will continue to develop their web pages, using their template as a base. Each separate page will need to be customized with appropriate content and images added. Logos should be created from scratch. A demonstration of benefits of directly editing HTML code will be given. IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange info; derive new info 
13 Check the Newly Created Website Check aspects of each web, page such as house-style consistency, image file size, download speed, working hyperlinks, spelling and grammar. Learners need to recognise the importance of checking their web pages. A checklist will need to be used to ensure all of the proper checks are made. Learners will also be required to check each others work. WO2.3 Exchange information 
14 Upload/ Update a Website

Assignment 2 preliminary deadline
Upload the website to the Intranet. Maintain the site by uploading updates and managing the published files. Learners will upload their website to the Intranet. A checklist will need to be produced, showing the site has been checked for errors. A screenshot will also be required showing they have corrected at least one error. IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange information & derive new information
15 Methods of Website Creation Investigate three methods for creating websites and understand the benefits of each. HTML and Notepad. Automation wizards in FrontPage. WYSIWYG editors such as DreamWeaver.
Learners will produce a simple web page using HTML and Notepad. A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of this method will follow and written up in a PowerPoint presentation. Automation will be demonstrated to the class using a Dreamweaver wizard. The class will be split into groups and asked to compare the three different methods. C2.1a Contribute to a group discussion WO2.3 Exchange information 
16 Justify Construction Features

Assignment 2 final deadline
Review the construction features used in the new website. Understand that each feature takes additional time for a designer to include. Thus a feature should be included only if it will attract and retain users. Learners will need to review their own website and justify the construction features they used. They may wish to expand on the topic by discussing any features they wanted to add but did not have the time or skills for. They should explain how that feature is useful, such as by attracting users to the site, or allowing them to find information easily. Their review can be a part of their PowerPoint presentation. C2.1a Contribute to a group discussion
WO2.3 Exchange information 
17 Finish Off Review feedback on Assignment 2.This is a last chance to hand in minor corrections, top-ups or additions to portfolio work. Learners will need to review and self-assess their portfolio work. Minor top-ups, additions or corrections may be handed in subject to negotiation.

Receive Final Grade.
WO2.3 Exchange information 
Key Skills Mapping

Communicating – C2.1a Contribute to a group discussion. 2.1b Give a presentation. C2.2 Read & synthesise information. C2.3 Write two different documents

Application of Number – N2.1 Plan & interpret information. N2.2 Carry out calculations. N2.3 Interpret & present results

Information Technology – IT2.1 Plan how to obtain & use information sources. IT2.2 Explore, develop, exchange information & derive new information. IT2.3 Different presentations given - effective format & style

Problem Solving – PS2. Identify and try to solve a problem and check problem is solved

Working with Others - WO2.3 Exchange information






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