Website Development

Assessment & Grading

How will I be assessed?

You will review, evaluate and understand the purpose of different types of websites. You will also design, create and upload your own website.  Assessment will be by means of a set of assignments, collected into a portfolio of work.  This portfolio will be internally and externally assessed.

The class activities are designed to cover the grading criteria.  This means that you should attend all classes unless you have a VALID reason for not attending. 

How will I be graded?


To achieve a pass grade, you must achieve the five pass criteria listed in the grading grid provided below.

For P1 you will need to consider the purposes of websites and the construction features listed in the unit content and describe four websites which show different purposes, identifying the features present on each. For P2, you are required to review the websites, considering features such as animation and download speeds and other features identified in the unit content,

For P3, you will need to use appropriate web development software to create a multi-page website that meets the requirements of a real or simulated client. Then for P4, you will need to upload your website files to a web server.  Finally, for P5 you will need to discuss laws and guidelines relating to websites.


To achieve a merit you will need to achieve all the pass and merit criteria.

For M1 you will need to explain how construction features help users access information on websites. For M2, two websites must be reviewed in order to identify and explain suggested improvements. For M3 you will need to describe interactive features used on websites where user input is necessary, such as one that collects names and addresses for registrations or mail shots. Typically these sites use a front end data capture form with some validation and a database to store the user input.


To achieve a distinction you will need to achieve all the pass, merit and distinction criteria.

For D1  you will need to justify the use of different construction features used by a website. For D2 you should be able to evaluate how useful it is for a website developer to be able to tweak a website by editing HTML code directly, compared to relying totally on Web Authoring Software.

Grading Criteria

The table below shows the grading criteria.  A printer friendly version is available.

Grading Criteria

To achieve a pass your work must show:

To achieve a merit your work must show:

To achieve a distinction your work must show:

P1 describe, using examples, four different purposes of websites noting the construction features used by each one

P2 review, using examples, four different websites, noting whether they have achieved their specific purpose

P3 design, create and check a multi-page website to meet the requirements of a defined client.

P4 upload and maintain a multi-page website.

P5 describe three different situations in which a web designer could be in breach of the law

M1 explain how designers use different construction features to help the user access information on websites

M2 identify and explain suggestions that could be implemented in order to improve at least two websites

M3 describe the use of interactive websites and what technique can be used to provide interactivity.

D1 justify the use of different construction features in the design of a website

D2 evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of learning and using HTML in website creation, as opposed to only using wizards to generate web pages





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