Software Development

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Notes & Tutorials

  Software Development Overview   Intro - A  Simple Calculator Program

  Simple Shape Move Program

  Calculator Program Part 2

  a. Software Development Process

  Overview of Visual Basic Controls

  b. Standards - Naming your Controls   Lift Simulation Program

  c. Programming Languages

  d. Programming Constructs  

  e. Variables and Arrays

  f. Seed Calculation Program Scenario  

~~ Assignment 1 Notes ~~

 Task a - Problem Statement  Task d - Input Form Design
 Task b - What the program has to do  Task d - Output Form Design
 Task c - What the program needs to output  Task e and f - The Calculations

~~ Half-term tasks g and h ~~

~~ Assignment 2 Notes ~~

 Task a - define the data in detail Task c - define the calculations in detail
 Task b - produce final form designs  Task d - Produce Test Plans

~~ Assignment 3 Notes ~~

 Overview  The Program Structure
 Create your forms in VB Declare Your Variables
 Code Step1. Set the Stored Data Values Code Step2. Get User Inputs
 Debugging using Breakpoints  

~~ VB Code Quick Reference ~~

~~ Assignment 4 Notes ~~

 Overview  Presentation Hints





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