Software Development



Here is one book on Visual Basic you might find useful:-


Visual Basic in Easy Steps

by Tim Anderson

Published January 1999

ISBN: 1840780290


Programming Software

The programming software used for this unit  is Visual Basic 6.  If you wish to buy this software you may be able to get a good deal on the academic version.  The software will  also be available on the learning centre computers.


On Blackboard you will have access to various course material for other units such as:-

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A set of quizzes to test your theoretical knowledge

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Scheme of Work

To access Blackboard, go to and login using your student ID and password


Learning Centre

Southwark College has a learning centre at each centres with some 65,000 books and a range of video and audio tapes, CD-ROMs, newspapers and magazines.

All the learning centres have photocopiers and computers - some with access to the Internet.  To use a computers you must book in advance.  If you haven't got a computer at home, you will  be expected to use the learning  centre computers to complete any work to be done outside class hours.






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