Software Development

Unit Information

The unit aims to provide learners with an introduction to Software Development.  It aims to introduce learners to the basic concepts of program design and implementation using a high level language. The programming language used shall be Visual Basic 6. 

The emphasis is on practical activities and problem solving. It gives learners the opportunity to use design techniques and processes to find solution to given problems. Learners will learn about the stages in the software development cycle, and how to design, create and test structured programs. 

This unit presents opportunities to demonstrate key skills in communication, information technology, improving own learning and performance and problem solving.

To achieve this unit a learner must:
  •  Identify and use appropriate methods to investigate a straightforward client problem

  •  Produce program designs using recognised design techniques

  •  Create a program with the aid of a prepared program design

  •  Evaluate the program against the original design.






  Unit Information



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