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Southwark College has a learning centre at each of the 4 centres with some 65,000 books and a range of video and audio tapes, CD-ROMs, newspapers and magazines.

All the learning centres have computers - some with access to the Internet - and photocopiers

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    What Software Do I Need?

On this course we use the Java 2 SDK - a software development kit made available for free by Sun Microsystems.  The package gives you all the tools necessary for creating Java applications and applets.  This package is free.  If you wish to install the software package on your home PC you can refer to the Installing Java page for more details.

    Java Software & Documentation at Sun's Site is the home of Sun Microsystems.  You can find the  Java 2 SDK software package there and various documentation and on-line tutorials.

Java 2 SDK Standard Edition v 1.4.0  


Sun's Download Page

The Java SDK (Software Development Kit) is the software you need to develop your Java applications..  You should ensure you download the SDK and not the JRE (Java Runtime Environment.)

You should end up with a file called


Java 2 SDK Standard Edition v 1.4.0


Sun's Documentation Download Page

The  Java API documentation can be viewed on-line or downloaded from Sun Microsystems.  It is in HTML format. Normally you place the extracted file in the docs folder in your SDK folder

You can download the API documentation in HTMLHelp format (recommended for a keyword search but you cannot run the applets).  Refer to Franks site below for more info.

The JavaTM Tutorial

A practical guide for programmers

with hundreds of complete, working examples

Online Tutorial

Sun provide an online tutorial which you can also download.  You can choose a browsable HTML format or winHelp format.

Alternatively you can download the tutorial in HTMLHelp format (recommended for a keyword search but you cannot run the applets).   Refer to Franks site below for more info.

Java 2 SDK Standard Edition v 1.4.0  

Swing Tutorial

Swing Tutorial Download Page

The  Java Swing documentation that can be downloaded from Sun Microsystems.  It is in HTML format.

    Other Useful Documentation

Sun's Java 2 SDK Documentation & Tutorials


 Converted to WinHelp or HTMLHelp format

Frank Alliment's has converted many of Sun's HTML tutorials and documentation to WinHelp or HTMLHelp format.  I find these alternative formats useful.  


Recommended Reading Material


Just Java 1.2

Peter Van Der Linden

Prentice Hall PTR  4th edition (1998) 

ISBN: 0130105341


The Java(TM) Tutorial 

A Short Course on the Basics (3rd Edition)
Mary Campione, Kathy Walrath, Alison Huml

Addison-Wesley Pub Co  ( 2000)  

ISBN: 0201703939 


Thinking in Java

2nd Edition

Bruce Eckel

Prentice Hall PTR   (2000)  

ISBN: 0130273635

You can also download the book in HTML format with the source code examples from



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