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This is a 17 week course that teaches the fundamentals of Java programming. For details about this course follow the links below.

Course Overview


Qualification Outcome

Course Overview                                      

    Programming - What That?

Computers are not smart!  They must be told what to do.  A program is a set of instructions that tell a computer exactly what to do. This includes operating systems, applications you may be familiar with such as Microsoft Office and web based applets ( programs run by your web browser.)
There are many different programming languages that can be used to write these instructions.  Java is one such programming language and was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995.  Java is a popular programming language because it can be used to create a huge variety of applications.

   What will I learn from this course?

This course aims to teach you how to read and write software components in the Java programming language. You will be taught how to write simple applets and develop the skills required to create and test software components to solve a given problem.

At the end of the course you should be able to:-

Manage the Java programming environment

Read a standard Java program and understand how it works.

Create a Graphical User Interface

Create and test software components

Write and share Java classes as part of a team.


Assessment will be by means of one set practical assignment and a multiple choice test.  You must also complete a course logbook

The logbook - the logbook gives details of the practical skills and underpinning knowledge you are expected to obtain.  You must sign and date the logbook as you progress through the course.  You can obtain the logbook from the City & Guilds website or directly from here.

The practical assignment - involves creating an applet to a given specification.  Four assignment papers can be obtained from the City & Guilds website or from the assignments page.  You will be assessed using ONE out of the four assignments. 

The written test - your knowledge and understanding will be tested by means of a 40 question multiple choice paper. This paper will be taken using the City & Guilds on-line system.


Qualification Outcome

    What Qualification Can I Get?

The Create Software Components Using Java Level 2 unit is is one core unit than can be counted towards a Level 2 Diploma for IT Practitioners (Software Development) (7262-22)

For the award of this qualification, a candidate must successfully complete the assessments for one unit from 201-205, plus unit 206, plus any two other units (from 201-209).

Core Units 

Optional Units

201 Create software components using C

207 Operating systems

202 Create software components using C++

208 Web site design

203 Create software components using Pascal

209 Create designs for software components

204 Create software components using Visual Basic


205 Create software components using Java


206 Test software components (compulsory)



     How Do I Progress Further?

Candidates who complete the Create Software Components Using Java Level 2 unit can  take additional units within the Level 2 qualification to extend the range of their skills.

Candidates who complete the Level 2 qualification can progress onto the IT Practitioner awards (Software Development) at Level 3 which extends their capabilities in the use of Software Development.


All the best for the course - and may you have fun!!



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